Platinum Watch Face

Platinum Watch Face

Platinum Watch Face

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Watchface Wednesday - Platinum Watch Face

2016 Executive Platinum Watch Face

All the special watch faces on the rose gold and platinum versions of the Samsung Gear S2 Classic

Platinum Watch Face is designed for round and square watches
(Moto 360, LG Urbane, LG G Watch R, LG G Watch, Samsung Gear Live, Sony Smartwatch...)

✔ Digital time
✔ Analog time
✔ Date
✔ Day
✔ Weather (Providers: Open Weather Map, YR, Yahoo)
✔ Watch battery indicator
✔ Phone battery indicator

✔ Animation on/off
✔ Custom color configuration
✔ Custom hour format (am/pm)
✔ Sweep or tick seconds
✔ Screen time settings
✔ Full or simple ambient mode
✔ Transparent peek cars
✔ Big or small peek card
✔ OK Google position

Live chat and email support on:

✔ Fixed minor bugs